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Biogas Compressor

In the realm of renewable energy sources, biogas stands as a compelling alternative to fossil fuels, offering a clean and sustainable energy solution. Biogas, produced from the decomposition of organic matter, is a versatile energy source, utilized for generating electricity, heat, and transportation fuel. However, its utilization requires efficient compression to achieve the desired pressure for various applications. This is where biogas compressors come into play.

Built to withstand demanding operating conditions, our Biogas Compressor delivers robust and reliable performance. It is engineered with durable components and advanced control systems to ensure smooth and continuous operation, even in challenging environments. With minimal maintenance requirements and a long lifespan, our compressor provides peace of mind and maximizes uptime for uninterrupted biogas utilization.


Product Description

Stucture Vertical/Wind Cool/ TWO Cylinder
Stage 1
Capacity ( m3/min) 1.6

Inlet Pressure (Mpa)


Discharge Pressure (Mpa) 1.5
Inlet Temp  (℃) ≤40
Outlet Temp (℃) ≤110
Speed(r/min) 730
EX Motor YB2-180L-4  dⅡBT4
380V 50HZ,22KW
Cooling Type Wind
Lubricant Shaft, Connecting Rod, Crosshead Splash Lubrication
Cylinder, Padding Non Oil Lubrication
Driving Type Belt-Driven
Installation With basement
Noise (dB (A)) 85
Intension of Vibration 28
Dimension L X W X H ( mm) 1220×780×980

Unveiling the Advantages of Biogas Compressors

Biogas compressors offer a multitude of advantages over traditional air compressors, making them an indispensable asset in the biogas industry:

1. Enhanced Efficiency: Biogas compressors are meticulously crafted to maximize efficiency, minimizing energy consumption and maximizing biogas utilization.

2. Unwavering Reliability: Biogas compressors are renowned for their unwavering reliability, delivering consistent performance even in demanding environments. Their robust components and advanced engineering minimize downtime and ensure uninterrupted operation.

3. Exceptional Durability: Biogas compressors are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of biogas production facilities, resisting corrosion and abrasion. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting performance in challenging environments.

4. Versatility and Adaptability: Biogas compressors seamlessly adapt to a diverse range of applications, from powering pneumatic tools for digestate management to operating mist blowers for odor control and insect repellence.

5. Environmental Consciousness: Biogas compressors contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable energy future by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting the utilization of biogas as a clean energy source.

Selecting the Ideal Biogas Compressor

To ensure optimal performance and match the specific demands of your application, consider the following factors when selecting a biogas compressor:

1. Biogas Flow Rate Requirements: Determine the required flow rate based on the biogas production capacity and intended applications.

2. Biogas Pressure Requirements: Identify the pressure requirements for the specific applications, such as biomethane injection or CNG production.

3. Environmental Conditions: Assess the environmental conditions, considering factors such as moisture levels, temperature extremes, and dust or debris levels.

4. Mobility Needs: Evaluate the need for portability and maneuverability based on the site layout and accessibility requirements.

5. Maintenance Considerations: Prioritize ease of maintenance and accessibility of components to ensure timely upkeep and minimize downtime.

6. Professional Guidance: Consult with experienced compressor dealers or technicians to receive personalized recommendations based on your specific application requirements.

Compliance with Industry Standards:

Our Biogas Compressor is meticulously designed and manufactured to meet and exceed industry standards and regulations. It undergoes rigorous testing and quality assurance processes to ensure compliance with safety, performance, and environmental requirements. By choosing our compressor, you can have confidence in its quality, reliability, and adherence to industry best practices.

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